Taylor Jay Martin
New Year's 2002

Taylor's 2002 New Year's Resolution

Two Thousand and Two - what a Wonderful Year!
Itís hard to believe that itís already here!
My Scheduleís just bursting with new things to do
Iíll learn how to walk, how to say, ďI love you,Ē
How to eat my own breakfast and how to play catch
And how to write cursive (okay, thatís a stretch)
But Iíve already learned how to Laugh and have Fun
Thatís Kidís Stuff I learned back in Two Thousand One

Now THAT was a year because thatís when I came
St. Patrickís Dayís when I first Yelled out my name
ďIím Taylor Jay Martin!Ē I said with a shout
(My Mommy says crying is all that came out
Believe when I say that it came as a shock
To discover that Grown-Ups donít know Babytalk!)

Itís also the year that we all became Sad
When Bad People did something Terribly Bad
Dad came home early and squeezed me real tight
Mommy was worried and rocked me all night
My Mommy and Daddy both hugged me a lot
They said that my Smile and Laugh hit the Spot

I figure if smiling is such a Good Thing
Iíll smile even more! Iíll Giggle and Sing!
Iíll Laugh and be Cute if it makes you feel good
íCause people arenít smiling as much as they should

So Iíve made it my mission for Two Thousand Two
To make people happy when theyíre feeling Blue
Invite me to play if your Dayís in the Dumps
My Laugh is a sure-fire cure for the Grumps
Or pull out this picture when youíre feeling Down
My Sparkle and Smile will fix any Frown

Now to all of my Family and Friends far and near
Show me your Smile - itís a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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