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I wrote this song for Elvis. I know he's dead, but a lot of people think he's still alive. So I figured, if he ever does surface again, he'll be looking for new material. You never know.

I'm a wannabe runner who leads every race
A wannabe shuttle rider shootin' through space
I'm a wannabe rocker whose song's always in
A wannabe roller whose dice always win
I'm a wannabe rebel who's finally got a cause
A wannabe wizard blastin' fire in Oz
But only one wannabe will make it all right
I wannabe your baby tonight

I'm a wanna bee buzzin' around my queen
I wanna make the sweetest honey, baby, you ever seen
I wannabe Ben & Jerry, make confections so sweet
I wannabe a baker, make you lots of tasty treats
I wannabe your sugar daddy, be your candy apple too
I wannabe your cotton candy, be your honeydew
I wannabe your box of chocolates, your Turkish Delight
I wannabe your baby tonight

I wannabe Elvis, be your teddy bear
I wannabe Madonna and say you like a prayer
I wanna tell you what's goin' on like old Marvin Gaye
Be Aerosmith so you can tell me to walk this way
I wannabe Fogleberg and lead up your band
Be a Beatle and sing I wanna hold your hand
I wannabe your deep love talker like Barry White
I wannabe your baby tonight

I wannabe your hero, be the star of your play
I wannabe a Rock Hudson to your Doris Day
I wannabe Sonny if you’ll be my Cher
I want you to be Ginger, me your Fred Astaire
I wannabe me Tarzan and you be Jane
If you’ll be Delilah, I’ll be Samson in chains
I wannabe a Prince Charming to your Snow White
I wannabe your baby tonight

I wannabe your accountant and balance all your bills
I wannabe your doctor – give you lots of sugar pills
I wannabe your lawyer – cross-examine you good
I wannabe your mechanic and get under your hood
I wannabe your teacher 'bout the birds and the bees
I wannabe your preacher – get you down on your knees
I wannabe your mortician and lay you down right
I wannabe your baby tonight

I wannabe bewitched by your womanly wiles
I wannabe bedazzled by your heavenly smile
I wannabe beholden to the look on your face
I wannabe beside you, feel your tender embrace
I wannabe beguiled by your battin-eye glance
I wannabe a beginner in your school of romance
I wannabe a believer in love at first sight
I wannabe your baby tonight

There just one thing I don't want - I don't wannabe blue
I wanna make an us out of me and you
I wannabe your magic potion – make you feel all right
I wannabe your lover-boy and squeeze you real tight
I wannabe your big thunderin' stick o' dyn-o-mite
I wannabe your baby tonight
I wannabe your baby tonight
I wannabe your baby tonight

1998 Ross D. Martin, MD

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