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Then Again

This song takes place on a train going from the mountains, where it is snowing, to New York City, where it is raining.  Carl has just come back from a confrontation with his toast-of-the-town friend and is wallowing in his mediocrity.   He has dreams, but he can never seem to... well... he's a lot like you and me.

There's a song that I know is within me
Awaiting a sign saying time to be heard
And the song has a memorable melody
Filled with profound and compassionate words
And it's sad and it's sweet, but the rhyme would repeat
The refrain of a more famous tune
And though the train faithfully pounds out the beat
I'm afraid I might come in too soon
I could open the window and sing out my song
To the people I'm passing below
Then again, I could always walk home in the snow

There's a girl sitting two rows in front of me
Running her hands through her beautiful hair
Can the girl feel me gaze at her longingly
As I fantasize of our secret affair?
I could walk down the aisle, coyly flashing a smile
As I sit next to her on the train
And gently caress down the back of her dress
And bury my face in her mane
And the rarefied air saturating her hair
Could awaken this old heart of stone
Then again, I could always walk home all alone

In my dreams I'm the king in a thousand crusades
Whose blood is as noble as true
When I wake I'm just me in the back of the T
With bills to be paid and a bed to be made
And a dead-end career with a head full of fear
No love life, no wife, no prospects, no respect
Just a guy who has no follow through

There's a life burning deep down inside me
An ember just waiting to flash into flame
I need simply breathe in and the fire from within
Will ignite and my fear will be tamed
And the girl and the song – they just might join along
And together we'll vanquish the pain
Then again, I could always walk home in the rain
Then again, I could always walk home in the rain

– 1999 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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