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Singing Solo in Unison

This is an easy country waltz that builds into an anthem, written for a female vocalist and two or more backup vocals.

Here I am, lonely again, nursing a broken heart
Wandering around, eyes on the ground, searching for missing parts
Lost in the dark of my own despair, giving up hope
And lacking the will to go on

Lucky for me, I got some friends who’ve been there before
They know the way back to the light to bring me home once more
Lending a hand, a listening ear, they stay by my side
So I’m never really alone

Like a spire filled with carillon bells ringing in the same key
I can build on the song of my friends when they’re singing with me

Singing solo in unison
Drawing strength from my dearest friends
I can last through the night, knowing I’ll be all right
Holding out 'til the dawn
Now I’m living in harmony
With the ones who are there for me
I can handle the fall, 'cause together we all
Have the strength to go on

That old saying’s true: Whatever goes out, comes around again
'Cause there have been times when I haven’t been on the receiving end
And I get the chance to give back to those who’ve given to me
When they were in need of a hand

And like a forest of evergreen trees swaying in stormy weather
We can last through the tempests of love if we all stick together


Someday I’ll be ready to reach out and find love again
But I’ll be content to keep biding my time until then

… another day, one more day, one more day

1997 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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