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An Ordinary Woman
A Carol's Christmas

ELLEN: Such a simple story, even a child could understand.
Yet I’ve spent my whole life trying to know the child — live like the man.
Such a simple message: Die to self and you will live.
Yet so many times I lack the strength to love, the heart to give.
It’s so hard to love your enemies and turn the other cheek
When this rage within me tells me I should fight.
But instead I sit in silence; I’m condemned for being weak.
It’s so unfair. I have my rights.

Then I think about my Savior — He had the right to crush us all.
Yet He chose instead to sacrifice himself, to heed the call.
Now I’m called to join the battle as a soldier in the field.
But the weapons I’ve been given are not made of sharpened steel.
It’s a battle of the spirit, fought with prayer, faith and love.
Empowered with grace from God above.

Oh, God in heaven, take this ordinary life
And help me take a stand for something more.
Fill my heart with your compassion for those you came to save.
Turn this ordinary woman into a warrior — of love.

Oh, God in heaven, take this ordinary soul —
Fill it up to overflowing with your power.
And using your extraordinary grace,
Turn this ordinary woman into a warrior.

1996 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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