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No Woman's Land

I was feeling sorry for myself one Saturday night… feeling like I was in no-man’s land.  Then I realized I had the gender wrong.

Staring at the fan spinning over my head
Alone in a bed made for two
Reach for the side, but I know what I'll find--
Just a cold spot where there used to be you
Try to find a reason to get on with the day
But the covers keep a'holdin' me down
'Nother roll in the bed, pillow over my head
And the wheels keep a'churnin' round
'Cause I'm livin' in...

No Woman's Land
Lost in a land where no man should be
No Woman's Land
Just Myself and I to keep me company
No Woman's Land
Gotta keep movin' just to know where I stand
I'm in No Woman's Land

Handful of change burnin' holes in my pocket
Tellin' me to get to a phone
Check out my agenda to see what's on the docket
Just another Saturday night all alone
Take another look in my little black book
But the pages ain't got nothin' to say
Go to Blockbuster, but the titles lack luster
Spend another evening just wastin' away in...


Maybe I'll find some kind of peace of mind
While I'm wandering this desolate land
Somethin' tells me someday I'll look back on this one day
And see that I'm a better man for livin' in...

No Woman's Land
Think I'll stick around and take in the scenery
No Woman's Land
Kick off my shoes and get used to bein' me
No Woman's Land
This place is kinda nice so I'm makin' no plans
To leave No Woman's Land

You got this white boy singin' the blues
'Cause you left me in...
No Woman's Land

1995 Ross D. Martin, MD

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