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Magical Moments

As a performer, I’m always trying to capture that magic that happens when I completely connect with the audience.  It’s one of those incredibly elusive feelings, almost like a bar of wet soap that, if you squeeze it even a bit, will slip right out of your hand.  

This song explores that idea and its corollary in life.

longing for magical moments
moments that never last long
no sooner you find one's upon you
it's over and gone

living on magical moments
helps you get through the unknowns
just when you're thinking the curtain will close
they breathe life into this old bag of bones

they're not the chemical kind
that blow through your mind
and leave you in pain when they're through
they're gentle and pure
subtle yet sure
and make life worth living when you
can enter the moment

leaning on magical feelings
feelings that finish too fast
you find yourself searching for something
to make feelings last

listening for magical meanings
that unlock the mysteries within
as if when you find out the secret
the answers unfold and life can begin

but you can't force a moment
they won't be cajoled
no elusive elixir
makes moments unfold
but when your soul is at peace
and you're looking away
the magic will find you
the moment will stay

you will see it inside
your one true love's eyes
in a stranger’s “good morning”
a baby's soft cries
there’s no way to know
when a moment will show
but when your heart's ready
the moments will flow

so forget your agenda
drop your guard
let go and surrender
it’s really not hard
simply set yourself free
and fear flies away
and give in to the magical moments
that happen each day

just think how this old world would be
if we all lived this way
just think how this old world would be
if we lived in the moment

2000 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA
Rockin’ Doc Media
08 October 2000

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