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Judit’s Waltz

Bad news.  I broke up with my therapist.

You know – it’s the same old story.  When we first got together, everything was so great.  I’d see her maybe once a week, stop by for a quickie, and come out feeling good, feeling refreshed, feeling ready to take on the world.

But then everything got so complicated.  She was always wanting me to spend more time on the couch talking about feelings – or my mother.  The woman has never even met my mother and still she’s got some kind of bug up her butt about our relationship.  What’s that all about?

She started completely taking over my schedule, wanting more and more of my time.  The woman was so high maintenance that I could barely afford her.

So I told her we should think about not seeing each other for a while - you know, a trial separation.  We got together one last time and said our tearful good-byes.  But I think we both knew it was over. 

As I walking out, the weirdest thing popped into my head - an old song called “The Iowa Waltz.”

And then, an epiphany.  Like a sign.  And I knew what I needed to do.

Take ballroom dancing lessons.

So now, for about the same price, instead talking to some old lady from Brookline about all my troubles, I spend an hour in the arms of a beautiful Hungarian woman named Judit.  Ahhh... And all is right with the world…

I could spend all my days in a deep navel gaze
To find where life’s mysteries lay
Or ascend a high mountain in search of a fountain
To wash all my worries away
I could learn how to meditate in a hypnotic state
And find healing in the results
Or let down my hair in a therapist’s chair
And finally reveal all my foibles and faults
Or perhaps I’ll just learn how to waltz

And it’s one-two-three, one-two-three
Gliding so easily
Floating like Fred Astaire
Lighter than air
And it’s left-side-close, back-side-close
Round and round, so it goes
Filling the room with enchanting romance
As for me, I’d just like to dance

I envision a place beyond time and space
Where magic transcends circumstance
In my Neverland dream, love reigns supreme
And every lost hope gets its own second chance
It can happen if we all join the dance


Dancing with nary a care
Free from the world’s reprimands
Back to a simpler time
When a girl was a girl
And a man was a man
In the place the last bastion of chivalry stands

The floor can be yours if you just take the chance
Pardon me, would you care to dance?

1999 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA


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