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It's a Man's World
A Carol's Christmas

CAROL: If you’re gonna make it in this corporate rat race,
You’ll have to learn the secrets of the trade.
You’ll never get ahead by wearing high heels and lace.
Don’t forget — it was by men the rules were made.
So it’s she who “wears the pants” who makes the grade.

It’s a man’s world.
That’s the one thing to remember.
You’re gonna have to learn to play the game.
You hafta take those hits when they come your way.
And when you get the chance you dish 'em out the same.
So here’s your chance, girl.
Just forget the word “surrender” —
Don’t be intimidated by the guys.
You gotta fight your way to the top of the hill.
It’s easy if you listen to these words to the wise.

You play it twice as smart to beat the competition.
Work it twice as hard as the other guys.
Fight it twice as mean and you’ll fulfill your mission.
The victory’s twice as sweet 'cause it’s men we get to beat!

Yes, it’s a man’s world.
So forget about your gender.
You’ll reach the top in style.
Yes, it’s a man’s world,
It’s a man’s world,
It’s a man’s world —
But only for a while!

1996 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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