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I'll Keep My Vow

As you're tryin' to fall asleep tonight
Just remember that I'm thinking of you.
Everything is going to be all right;
Please believe I'll always be around.

I made a promise to you long ago
To have and hold you 'til my days on earth are through.
And though at times it seems my love doesn't show
I'll repeat my promise to you now...
I'll keep my vow.

As I look at all the parts of my life
I see so much of me in you and you in me.
I thank the Lord He gave me you as my wife,
So for every day that He allows...
I'll keep my vow.

This prayer is not mine alone;
I'd surely fail on my own.
My Heavenly Father made a covenant with me
To give me the strength to see this through--
So I can keep walking on with you.

Now as you're driftin' off to sleep tonight
Please remember that I'm praying for you.
I'll wrap you in my arms and hold you tight
So you'll know that many years from now...
I'll keep my vow.
I'll keep my vow.

1992 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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