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The Edge of the World 

Living on the edge gives a sense of direction
A final destination for a wandering soul
Living on the edge leads to deep introspection
Once it gets you started, you spin out of control
Living on the edge you tend to lose your sense of mission
What used to look so dangerous now seems to be fine
Living on the edge is a precarious position
Just a little step and you cross over the line of the edge
                                         — the edge of the world

Living on the edge gives a different point of view
You can see things clearly if you see them at all
It helps you keep a space between the old and the new
The things you can't remember and the things you recall
Living on the edge you catch a glimpse of forever
Makes you wonder what's on the other side
Looking over the edge is a futile endeavor
There's nothing really there, so there's nothing to hide on the other side
                              — of the edge of the world

On the edge of the world you can see the rainbow's end
Or reach out your hand and touch a shooting star
You can lift up your eyes and see across the universe
And know who you are, who you are
                                        — on the edge of the world

On the edge of the world you don't get a lot of company
Not a lot of through traffic or passers-by
It's the end of the line, the last scene of the show
There's no turning back, there ain't nowhere to go
Ready or not, dead or alive
You’re already there by the time you arrive
It's just the luck of the draw, a role of the dice
It's got nothing to do with who's been naughty or nice
It's the end of all time or the time for all ends
And the best you can do is keep hanging ten on the edge
                              — on the edge of the world.

1997 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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