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Can It Be True?
A Carol's Christmas

Can it be true?
Is there a chance that you can heal this emptiness in me?
Can it be true?
Can you turn this life into what it was meant to be?
All my life I thought I lived by my own will.
I believed I was in need of no one else.
But now I see my life the way it really is —
Now I know I need you more than life itself.

Oh, God in heaven, can you heal this broken life
And fill me with your love so I can give?
Oh, God in heaven, teach me how to live.

Oh, God in heaven, take this broken-hearted soul,
Have your will with me and heal me from within.
And using your extraordinary grace,
Help this broken-hearted woman to begin again.

1996 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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