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I've mostly stayed out of politics and have never worked on a political campaign.  But Barack Obama's campaign has inspired me to get involved and to be a part of this vision of hope that we can unify this nation again and turn back from the red-state/blue-state partisanship that has hobbled our government and our nation in this last decade. 

This morning I was thinking about how I might help beyond giving money and answering phone calls.  I thought about some Infinite Poetry I had written after 9/11 and realized that it would make a perfect message for the Obama campaign.  (Click here to learn more about Infinite Poetry and Möbius Strips.)  Here it is:

...United We Stand
   Standing We Rise
   Rising We Soar
   Soaring We're Free
   Freely We Unite
   United We Stand...

At some point, I'll print up a bunch of Möbius Strips with this on it along with the Obama logo and pass them out or send them to the campaign.  In the meantime, I made a plain-text graphic out of it that people can feel free to download and use (just let them know where you got it!). 

United We Stand * Standing We Rise * Rising We Soar * Soaring We
*                                                s i R * e     r
                                              i           s    e
e            BARACK OBAMA                   n              i    
t              in  2008                   g                 R  F
i                                                              r
n                                       W                   e  e
U               CHANGE                 e                    W  e
                We Can                                          
e             Believe In             S                      g  *
W                                   o                      n    
                                    a                     i    F
y                                   r                   d      r
l                                   *                 n        e
e        i t e * U n i t e d   W e  S t a n d * S t a          e
e      n                            o                          l
r    U                              a                          y
F                                   r                           
   e                               i        BARACK OBAMA       W
*  W                              n           in  2008         e
e  y                                                           U
e   l                         W                CHANGE          n
r    e                      e                  We Can          i
F      e                  r’                 Believe In        t
         r              e                                      e
e          F * e e r F                                          
r                                                              *
eW gniraoS * raoS eW gnisiR * esiR eW gnidnatS * dnatS eW detinU

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