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I try to play out just often enough to remind myself why it's good to have a day job.   People seem to enjoy the shows, because some of them actually go out on a Friday night to come and listen to a performance.  These days life as a Business Technology Manager at Pfizer keeps me busier than I'd like, so the gig schedule has turned into a trickle.  But a funny thing has been happening on the way to conferences lately -- I've had a few opportunities to both speak on healthcare technology issues and perform my music at the same venue.  It's something that I've always wanted to do -- get these two disparate world to collide without interrupting the cosmic time-space continuum.  

 Drop me an e-mail at if you want to talk about my performing at your next corporate event.  My music and lyrics appeal especially to science types -- a 50-minute show might be just the thing to get your meeting off to an energized start.  I'll be happy to provide references from previous events. 

Or you can join my e-mail list.  You'll receive an e-mail about once a month about my less-than-packed performance schedule.

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