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Over the years, I've written dozens of songs.  Here is a collection of a number of them, some of which have stories of their origins included with the lyrics.  You can find some MP3 files to download directly from this site on any song marked with ¯.  Just click on the song to see the lyrics, then click on the download link to listen.  Or sign up for my mailing list so you can come to one of my shows and hear your favorites live.  I'm not playing out much at the moment, but may do an occasional gig in NYC or Southern Connecticut.  If you're really desperate, email me and I'll play you one over the phone.  Some of my favorites on the list?  Chemical Bond, Headline News and my current favorite, Cool Daddy.  Some recent additions are Big Words, The Earth is the Sky, and One Voice.

9-1-1 From the musical The Edge of the World (in progress):
Baby Child     Then Again
Big Words     Magical Moments 
Bob the DERF ¯     Judit's Waltz
Chemical Bond     The Edge of the World ¯
Coming Home From the musical A Carol's Christmas:
Cool Daddy ¯     Fast Company
Dinner Bell     It's a Man's World
Dive     Tell 'Em What They Want to Hear
Finding Love in Harvard Square ¯     Where Is Your Life Headed (Carol Dear)?
The Earth is the Sky     An Ordinary Woman
Headline News ¯     How Can I Forgive?
I'll Keep My Vow     The POPOFF Chant (Part I)
IT Man     Three Cheers for Carol Crenshaw
Just Another Fan in the Crowd     The POPOFF Chant (Part II)
Little Buddy ¯     Can It Be True?
The MedBiq Song ¯     How Do You Make a Moment Stay?
My Hometown ¯  
No. 210 Scalpel ¯  
No Woman's Land  
One Voice ¯  
Singing Solo in Unison  
The Smokey Gray Carcinogen Blues  
Who Is the Wise Man?  
You Must Have Had a Great Orthodontist  

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