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My wife, Kym, and I have recently launched Words Without End® as a project for creating Infinite Poetry® and never-ending images on Möbius strips and other infinite media. 

"Huh?" I hear you say?

It's okay, Words Without End is easier to show than describe in words. 

The Möbius Strip is named after August Möbius, a 19th-century mathematician and astronomer who figured out how to describe this shape mathematically.  You might remember making a Möbius Strip in elementary school.   Your teacher may have had you take a strip of paper -- about eleven inches long and one inch wide -- and tape the ends together in a loop with a twist.  It makes a figure-of-eight shape with one side and one edge -- the kind of thing Escher used to illustrate in his drawings.

Like this one....

Escher's Mobius Strip - sideways.jpg (25226 bytes)

Turns out that ants aren't the only thing that like to be on a Möbius strip.  Words and images fit on there quite nicely too. 

An example?  My wife and I put our wedding vow on a Möbius Strip.  We read the poem to one another, alternating these lines:

...As the new dawn ascends on our wakening love
I offer myself unconditionally

As the morning unfolds on our blossoming love
I embrace your being wholeheartedly

As the midday sun shines on our enduring love
My bond with you deepens endlessly

As the heavy rain falls on our weathering love
Your care for me comforts immeasurably

As the shadow descends on our mellowing love
Our hope in tomorrow rests peacefully...

You may have noticed that the poem has an odd number of lines.  When we reached the "end" of the poem, we started all over again (because it's an Infinite Poem, you see).  We ran through the entire poem twice so that we both said all the lines to each other once.  Graphically the strip looked something like this...

(scroll your browser to the right to see the whole graphic...)
wpe15.jpg (75645 bytes)

But because it was made in the shape of a Möbius Strip, the entire graphic was wrapped around on itself, creating an endless or infinite image.  I now have patent pending on a method for manufacturing a relatively seamless Möbius Strip suitable for commercial use.  My company, Words Without End, Inc. is dedicated to promoting these little gizmos and other infinite media. 

There are lots of cool things you can do with them besides just putting poetry on them.  They can be used as marketing pieces for companies wanting to promote cyclical concepts.  You can make all sorts of interesting toys and games out of them, plus a number of other interesting things that I can't mention just yet.

The rules for Infinite Poetry® are simple:

  1. You should be able to start from any line.

  2. The poem should logically cycle back on itself.

Simple, yes.  But like many simple concepts, the results can be profound.

If you'd like to know more, drop me an e-mail.

Until then, a few more Infinite Poems for your enjoyment.  By convention, I start each poem with an ellipsis, then repeat the "first" line at the end, followed by another ellipsis.  This gives the impression of a cyclical concept.  But to really experience them, you have to just look at them on a Möbius strip.


... I look to the future
I see many roads
I choose a road and walk
I learn from the journey
I look to the future...

The Deep End of Love

...I dive to discover how deep Love can go
Journeying down to the depths of Love's ocean
I give up my breath in an effort to know
Love's passion liqueur, this liquid emotion
Love fills me and beckons me further below
Emboldened and strengthened by Love's potent potion
I dive to discover how deep Love can go...


...from creativity comes inspiration
from inspiration comes revelation
from revelation comes passion
from passion comes effort
from effort comes experience
from experience comes creativity
from creativity comes inspiration...

Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA
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