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The "who I am" more than the "what I do" is that I'm a creator.  I love turning ideas into reality -- through my writing, my music, and just through doing.

After I moved from Southern California to Boston in 1998 to do the Harvard fellowship thing, I discovered that Boston is to singer/songwriters what LA is to screenwriters.  I was kind of busy anyway, so I adjusted my focus to writing more songs.  In contrast to writing a screenplay or musical, I can crank out a decent song in a weekend and I don't have to sell it in order to have it produced.  Plus, Boston is such a great town for acoustic music, I had no problem finding venues for performing.  Life took a distinctly different turn in 2000 when I married the woman of my dreams while the Summer Solstice sun set over our shoulders on a Kauai beach.  If that wasn't enough of a life-changing event, we also discovered that we had returned home with at stowaway - Taylor Jay Martin was born on St. Patrick's Day 2001 - nine months and five days later!

To date, I've written five screenplays, two musicals, and many, many songs.  I still plan return to screenwriting and have a couple of novels in various stages of development. 

For a few years I wrote a newsletter for the Medical Group Management Association and Aspen Publishers called Essential Informatics for Medical Groups and then a monthly column for Managed Care Interface on IT in healthcare.  Those projects and other writings give me a chance to use my creativity in a more professional vein, as does my current career as a medical informatician at a major pharmaceutical company.  It's a real privilege to try and solve real-world problems in medicine using my imagination and education.

Words Without End® is a project that has been in the works longer than I care to admit.  After a long journey that included nasty legal battles and other silliness, I'm the proud owner of a patent on the one-sided printing and manufacture of a möbius strip.  "Huh?," you say?  Click on möbius to learn more about how this project serves as an amalgamation of three personal passions: creativity, poetry, and art.

Spend some time reading some of my lyrics or learn about my screenplays and other creations.  If you want to know more or offer some feedback, just drop me an e-mail.

Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA
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