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Tuesday, December 26, 2000
In keeping with what is now a two-year Christmas tradition, I wrote Kym a poem, a la Dr. Seuss, that is an extension of one of Kym�s favorites, Oh, the Places You�ll Go! Pretty much sums up the year we've had...

Oh, the year we have had! with its jostles and bumps
We�ve been high on the Rooftops! And down in the Dumps
Just when we thought that our future was clear
We�d turn �round a corner and Change would appear
With his old pal Uncertainty one step behind
All the This-Way-Then-That-Ways became quite a Grind!

Just writing a poem about this year�s events
Creates quite a story that�s rather intense!
We started the year with the Best New Year�s Yet
I popped the question and you said, �You Bet!�
We partied all night at a Y2K ball
And, according to F.J., your gown beat them all!

We moved you to Boston to start a new life
And prepare for the day we�d be Husband and Wife
But our hopes for the future were dashed when we learned
That your Hodgkin�s, so long in remission, returned
For two weeks we viewed your prognosis with terror
When finally we found that the test was in error!

A lesson emerged from that troubling event
Each day must be lived to its fullest extent
We made a decision on that very day
That we should get hitched without further delay!
A few short months later we flew to Hawai�i
And, witnessed by loved ones, were wed on Kaua�i
But wait! That�s not all that occurred on that day!
For that very same night we conceived Taylor Jay!

Talk about Changes! These DINKs �til their day�s end
Were suddenly thinking of Pampers and Playpens!
And Sippy-Cups! Strollers! Au Pairs and Papooses!
Barneys and Pok�mons! Potters and Seusses!
Our image of just you and me quickly faded
We �Saabed� on that fateful day Cloe got traded
But no doubt, this all will be worth all the Fuss
The day we see Taylor�s eyes looking at us

There�s just not the room to depict all our plans
Of Start-Ups that didn�t and M�bius Bands
Of Legal Frustrations and Selling Sensations!
Of New Jobs and Old Saabs and Small Tribulations
And next year � Look Out! We�re just getting started!
We may move from Boston to places uncharted

But one thing remains � be there Change or whatever
My love for you grows every day we�re together
And one other thing remains Certain, my wife �
I still cherish the night you danced into my life

And last year�s poem�

Oh, the places We�ll go! With hopes flying high
We�ll soar through the air! Our limit, the sky!
Except when you fall and Deep Troubles brew
But when life is its darkest I�ll be there for you
And wouldn�t you know it? The opposite�s true!
When I�m in the Pickle you�ll bail me out too!
For life is just Grand! Despite the Rough Parts
And life�s even better when shared as Sweethearts
So here�s to the Journey! And our yet-revealed Fate
I�m honored to walk the unknown as your Mate
And as we go forward as Husband and Wife
I�ll cherish the night you danced into my life