New Year's 2003

Taylor's New Year's 2003 Letter

Come on in! I am so glad
     you could make it!
Pick up a noise maker
     and shake, shake, shake it!
It's Two Thousand Three
     (just in case you've been napping)
A whole year's gone by
     and so much has been hap'ning

I've grown up a bunch
     and am raring to go
I'm looking for all sorts of
     New Things to know
I have to learn fast,
     'cause this world's in the drink
It needs some new leadership
     that's what I think
Wall Street is tanking
     and war's drawing nigh
We're getting new threats
     from that Bin Laden guy

But why should these maniacs
     mess up our party date
When we have so many
     reasons to celebrate?
Sure things are scary,
     but what else is new?
I can make it through anything
     with friends like You!
So get up and dance! 
     Boogie down!  Say a cheer!
Party with me it's a


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